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Feivel (Pillow + Pillow Case)
Casamia (Pillow + Pillow Case)
Taffy (Pillow + Pillow Case)
Ercole (Pillow + Pillow Case)
Hershel (Pillow + Pillow Case)
Fletcher (Pillow + Pillow Case)
Atley (Pillow + Pillow Case)
Chalmers (Pillow + Pillow Case)
Moissanite Carpet
Jade Carpet
Emerald Carpet
Topaz Carpet
Amethys Carpet

Melco Group

We are company that specifizied in gift and merchandise products. 

Under the Melco Group, we have subsidiaries company namely Melco Gift that specifizied in Personalized Gift and Melco Project specifizied in Corporate Merchandise.



Melco Gift

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Melco Project

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